• BarCola Group: Composed of members of BarCola, active players in the quadruple helix logic ecosystem in Barcelona. The current gender balance in BarCola is 58% men / 41% women. You can find the member list at this link.
  • BarCola review group: Its role is to review decisions that require judgement and vision of the process, or which require official approval. Its members consist of the signatory organizations – FKI, Guifi.net, Ouishare, Dimmons UOC – of the BarCola agreement with Barcelona City Council, which act as representatives of the other members.
  • BarCola organizational core group: Its role is to take care of the organization’s operational aspects. Composed of Dimmons (IN3-UOC) (BarCola core group headed by Mayo Fuster Morell) and partner teams from Barcelona City Council.
  • Procomun community: A community of open encounters and events that are held in the city on the platform and collaborative economy. Open to participation by anyone who joins the Meetup platform. Meetups / regular encounters and annual forum.


Participation channels

  • Telegram group, mailing list, and website with the list of current members.
  • Face-to-face BarCola meetings every two/three months (between BarCola members which are generally held at Barcelona Activa). Occasionally, goal- and/or field-specific task forces are created.
  • Meetup – open events that are standalone or related to other events or activities in the local ecosystem.
  • Collaboration of BarCola in organizing Procomun Meetups, the annual Procomun encounters or other events and projects.