Yochai Benkler at Procomuns


Yochai Benkler, professor at Harvard Law School and co-director at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society of Harvard Universty, author of The Wealth of Networks (2003), which is a reference at Internet and Knowledge Society studies.

Benkler will be with us both days of Procomuns, June 27th and 28th. He considers Barcelona as a special place where commons economy has an important presence and he has a huge interest on contributing on its development.

He will speak at the inaugural lecture June 27th (10am at Sala Emprèn) “Commons beyond neoliberalism: from oligarchic economy to open social economy”. He will show in what mesure networks make possible extensive ways of collaboration for the economy and society, and the paper that commons production is reconfiguring economic spaces.

He will also participate at the debate of the Technology infrastructure and blockchain for a common collaborative economy session June 27th (3pm), and at the debate of 28th 10:30h Strategy and possible alliances with business world linked to open knowledge, and at the Closing act of Procomuns June 28th (6,30pm), analizing different states of the art in the context of Barcelona, and the discussed cases all around the sessions, as long as the challenges of the diverse collaborative economies lay out.

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