Collaborative economy guides for consumers and workers

In 2019, Barcelona City Council is publishing two practical guides on the use of digital collaborative economy platforms. The first provides practical guidelines that inform citizens of their rights as consumers when using digital platforms, and the second takes the same approach, but from the workers’ viewpoint.

These guides are backed by reports and technical studies on this new reality. Specifically, they are based on the Technical consumers’ guide for the use of digital platforms written by the Research group in private law, consumption and new technologies (UB-URV), and the Study to ascertain the new work reality in emerging business models within the framework of the digital technologies and possible actions by the local Public Administrations, written by the UGT trade union, in partnership with Barcelona Activa.

The links for downloading these guides, and the prior studies and technical reports, are given below:

Should any of these downloads not work, these documents can also be found on Barcelona City Council’s Social and Solidarity Economy website, in the documentation section.