Credits procomuns.net document

We would like to thank people who have helped to make possible the declaration and policy measures of procomuns, adding policy proposals, context, comments or suggestions for the preparation of this consensus document (made out of many other anonymous contributions before, during and after the event).

Design and coordination of the process:

  • Mayo Fuster Morell
  • Enric Senabre

Systematization of new proposals during the procomuns event (coordinating contributions from more 11 people taking collaborative notes):

  • Mònica Garriga
  • David Gómez

In alphabetical order, comments and revisions to the text edited (versions 0.1 and 0.2):

  • Marco Berlinguer
  • Albert Cañigueral
  • Xavier Dengra
  • Melanie Dulong
  • David Franquesa
  • Michel De Kemmeter
  • Leandro Navarro
  • Antoniadis Panayotis
  • George Pór
  • Sonia Ruiz
  • Juliette Santegoeds
  • Christian Siefkes
  • Joan Subirats
  • Wouter Tebbens

Revision and correction of translations: Cristián Letelier, Ann Marie Utratel, Victor Guillamon i Ester Bonet