Hub Beta Cities

Hub Beta of cities collaborating in order to promote commons oriented collaborative economy

During Commons Collaborative Economies: Policies, Technologies and City for the People event in Barcelona (11-13 March 2016) a Hub of cities for Commons Collaborative Economy was created in order to increase collaboration among cities to promote the commons oriented approach to collaborative economy.

Commons Collaborative Economies aims to highlight the relevance of the commons-oriented approach of peer production and collaborative economy, while proposing public policies. A Declaration of  more than 120 public policies recommendations resulted out of the event.

The first meeting in Barcelona aggregated representatives from Bristol, Bologna, Milan, Seoul, and Athens.

In order to expand the initial work, a second encounter will take place 2nd  and 3rd of September in Amsterdam. The encounter will be part of the P2Pvalue European project final meeting, where there will be a track on collaborative economy and public policies.

If you know a city which would like to also take part contact: info@dimmons.net