Streaming Commons-based Collaborative Economies Procomuns 2017

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Tuesday June 27th

9:30  Institutional opening and Opening talk “Commons versus neoliberalism: From an oligarchic economy to the open social economy” By Yochai Benkler  

12:00 Debate. Public policies and regulation of the collaborative economy in Catalonia and Barcelona: What model do we need?

15:00 City Challenges: Caring Economy

17:00 Technologic infrastructure and blockchain for a commons-based collaborative economy

18:30 Summary and day closing

Dimecres 28 juny

9:30 Debate: Public opinion and the collaborative economy in mainstream media

10:15 Strategy and possible alliances with business world linked to open knowledge

12:00 Procomuns Balance: What makes a platform being a commons-based platform?

15:00 Open and Commons-based business and economic sustainability models.

17:00 Policies and resources for the promotion of collaborative economies in Barcelona

18:30 Procomuns closure with Yochai Benkler